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  • 5 curiosity about the sleep of mammals that you did not know

    sloth sleepingEven the animals sleep. In fact, I think it's more normal, in a sense, in everything else, in another part, than other factors. In this article we will see 5 curiosities about sleep in the animal kingdom.

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  • The special covers make the mattress beneficial

    aloe materasso beneficoSpeaking of memory mattresses one of the topics that sometimes can be treated is that of special covers, that are those "special" covers that are used to give additional benefits to our rest. Today we will try to make a summary list of which types of special covers you can combine on some products of our line, showing the specific benefits. We will make the mattress beneficial, comfortable and healthy.

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  • What is memory foam?

    Memory foam, or more simply memory, is the proper English name of a viscoelastic material. Patented by NASA technicians at the beginning of the 80s to fill the astronauts' seats and suits. Only since the early 2000s has the material been made known to the public and since then its use has always been increasing. In the common imaginary memory forms an almost inseparable binomial with mattresses; often creating a division between those who are favorable and those who are opposed. But what is the memory foam in practice? How does it work?

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  • Pillow and neckpain, prevent and reduce neckpain with the right pillow

    cervicalgiaCommonly known as neckpain, cervicalgia is the precise term used to indicate pains in the area of the cervical vertebrae, ie neck pains that may originate from different causes; in addition to the causes, fortunately there are also several remedies for pain in the cervical area, pains afflicting more than half of the Italian population every day. Among these very useful can be the purchase of a cervical pillow.

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  • The vacuum mattress, more practical, cheaper and ...

    Many of our customers ask us why we deliver the vacuum mattress; I never thought about writing an article about the reason by vacuum mattresses are shipped. This until I read a piece of news that gave me that extra quid to write it down.

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  • Buy "Materassiedoghe" products and pay with Amazon Pay

    The Amazon Pay payment method has recently been introduced; this is available on several sites that work directly with Amazon. Among these also "Materassiedoghe". But what is Amazon Pay for? How does it work?

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  • Pillows for all tastes, from the definition of pillow to dakimakura

    Pillows, plural masculine noun, from the unique pillow; word with which we indicate a bag of square or rounded shape, usually in canvas, with a soft padding. It can have ornamental purposes, if made with precious fabrics, or to support a part of the body. In this case you will have bed pillows, sofa cushions for the head and seat cushions for the lower back.

    This is a standard definition for cushions, similar to the one found on any dictionary. What we will do today, however, will be to go further, addressing a 360 ° discourse regarding the pillow.

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  • The best mattress

    miglior materasso italianoLately the question that our customers often ask us is: "What is the best mattress I can buy?" Or "Is this the best mattress on the market?" In all its forms the question is always that; as if by changing the order of the addends the result does not change. In this article we will describe why the memory mattress is the best mattress.

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  • How is a latex mattress made? The various production processes

    Today we will deal with the latex mattress production process, from the collection of the raw material to the production of the finished product.

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  • How we sleep on the mattress in a relationship

    How we sleep can you tell us who we are. However (at least in this way we hope it will be so for everyone) in real life we ​​must relate to other people, especially with our partners. Here then our "how couples sleep" can become a key to understanding our relationship with our partner or partner.

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