Memory foam and micro springs mattress "Pale" covered with THERMO SENSITIVE fabric

The special mattress


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  • The Pale model is a memory foam mattress, springs and water-foam
  • It has a 5 cm pantographed “My Memory” layer
  • There are 2000 micro-springs in the double size and 1000 in the single size. the springs are 2cm high
  • The height of the micro-springs is 18 mm, the diameter 30 mm
  • Micro-springs in phosphated carbon steel
  • It is able to thermoregulate thanks to the open cellular structure of the memory foam
  • Thermosensitive thermal fabric covering, removable, without padding
  • It is modeled according to body heat, it supports the body to perfection
  • It has a very high level of breathability, is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite
  • It has the "CE" marking and the materials used are certified ""
  • Completely made in Italy
  • Duration of guarantee 20 years

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anallergico antiacaro antibatterico presidio medico no cfc traspirante memory foam nasa garanzia 20 anni sfoderabile lavabile made in italy marchio ce

Product Description

As comfortable and enveloping as an embrace, PALE is a Memory Foam mattress with 9 differentiated zones, enriched with a central layer of 2000 micro springs and covered with the unique THERMO SENSITIVE fabric. PALE has been designed to offer the right support to everyone, of any size and weight!

Memory foam and micro springs mattress Mod. Pale
"Pale" is composed of three different materials: memory foam, pocket micro springs and water foam. The top layer is in "MyMemory" memory foam pantographed by 5 centimetres, with 9 differentiated support areas. Below this is a layer of 2000 pocket micro springs (for the double size), 2 centimetres high. Finally, the lower part is made of 18 centimetres of highly breathable water foam. The thickness of the triple-layer internal structure is 25 centimetres.

"Thermosensitive" fabric covering that reacts to body heat
The Thermo Sensitive® coating is designed to ensure high comfort and great breathability: with its heat-regulating capacity it keeps the body temperature constant, preventing peaks of heat or cold. Thermo Sensitive® technology allows a very high amount of air to be trapped in its very low density cellular structure; being the best thermal insulator, it leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness while maintaining stable body temperature during sleep and preventing the proliferation of mites and bacteria.

The layers of comfort
TMachine washable Thermo Sensitive® fabric.
Thermo Sensitive® is designed to ensure high levels of comfort: it has thermal padding that retains body heat at its natural temperature.
Memory Foam with 9 differentiated zones. 100% Italian Quality
The most comfortable mattress, which adapts to the natural shapes of your body thanks to the memory foam layer. Also recommended for those who have issues or pains upon waking or those who have disturbed sleep patterns. Our memory foam has a density of no less than 40 kg/m3 to ensure effective and correct body support.
2000 pocket micro springs
The layer of micro springs cradles your body in a magical embrace. Each is protected with a single microperforated casing for greater breathability and better preservation. All the elasticity of micro springs for a soft welcome.
Breathable, resilient, flexible and resistant polyurethane
Technological research has developed polyurethane foams free of substances harmful to the environment and to humans, capable of guaranteeing high performance in complete safety. Its main features include flexibility and resilience. Furthermore, the microcellular structure of the expanded polyurethane allows the exchange of air and the dispersion of humidity, conditions that prevent the onset of mites and bacteria and allow the human body to benefit from natural transpiration.
Pale Mattress, the special mattress. cover
Pale Mattress, the special mattress. Memory
Pale Mattress, the special mattress. springs
Pale Mattress, the special mattress. Waterfoam
Pale Mattress, the special mattress.


Sottotitolo The special mattress


Expert Rating
Mattress Typology Memory Foam
Type Anatomically Universal with 9 different areas
Firmness (Rigidity level)

(More are the weights, firmer is the mattress)

Warranty 20 years - see conditions of sale for more details


Total height 25cm (9.84 inches)
Memory height 5cm (1.96 inches)
Memory Typ MyMemory
Waterfoam height 18cm (7.08")
Waterfoam Typ Waterfoam
Padding Type 100% hypoallergenic
Outside Cover
Thermo Sensitive®designed to ensure high comfort: it has a thermal padding that keeps the body temperature at its natural heat. Thermo Sensitive technology allows a very high amount of air (which is the best thermal insulator) to be trapped in its very low-density structure, leaving a pleasant sensation of well-being while maintaining stable body temperature during sleep.
Cover inner side Cotton Jersey removable
Springs: Singolo 1000 - Matrimoniale 2000
Altezza molle 2 cm
Notes: The color of the waterfoam may be different from the picture. The characteristics of the mattress remain unchanged.



Anatomic Si
Anti-mite Si
Hypoallergenic Si
Breathable Si
Removable cover Si
Washable Si
CE Marked Si
Test Harmful Substances Si
Made in Italy Si

Suggested for

Back Pain
Slipped disc
Cervical herniated
Muscular contracture
Articolar pains
Allergies to mites and dust

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Semplicemente fantastico

    Ottimo materasso ottimo il prezzo è comodità pazzesca il memory è veramente un prodotto fantastico spesa assolutamente da fare e da quando c’è questo materasso in casa si dorme veramente bene


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful


    E' un materasso che mi sento di consigliare soprattutto a chi, come me, ha imparato ad odiare i materassi in memory in cui si sprofonda. State tranquilli: questo materasso sarà rigido quanto basta permettendovi di dormire bene.
    La qualità italiana si vede e si sente.
    Grazie MaterassieDoghe


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    I miei genitori ringraziano

    Il materasso è di ottima fattura, il rapporto qualità/prezzo è a dir poco ottimo. Arrivato in un doppio imballaggio, ha ripreso la sua forma originale neanche dopo 6 ore, ma abbiamo aspettato le 24 ore per il suo utilizzo. L'ho comprato per i miei genitori che, dopo quasi 25 anni di materasso eminflex a molle, erano un po' titubanti sull'acquisto online. Ma dopo due giorni erano già entusiasti del nuovo materasso. Consiglio sicuramente il suo acquisto.


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful


    Lo uso solo qualche fine settimana e devo dire che è molto comodo è abbastanza rigido come piace a me o perlomeno Come sono abituata a dormire da sempre .
    Mi ritengo soddisfatta dell'acquisto. Consiglierò sicuramente questo prodotto e questa azienda. Grazie


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Materasso davvero speciale

    Ho acquistato da poco questo materasso, lo sto usando da poche notti ma per ora devo dire che sembra di essere in paradiso!
    Spedizione veloce e assistenza ottima, molto disponibili. Sicuramente se dovrò consigliare qualche amico o parente non esiterò a mandarli qui.. grazie materassiedoghe!


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