Our choice to sell mattresses online

"Materassiedoghe" has been active for more than 35 years in the production and sale of memory foam mattresses and pillows. 15 years ago the decision to use the internet as the main channel of sales, becoming the first Italian company that sells mattresses online. This choice was motivated, after careful considerations, by many reasons. First of all, the online sale of mattresses allows "Materassiedoghe" to reach more potential customers, not only in Italy but also in Europe and UK, but this is not all.

The traditional sale of the mattress implies that once the product is manufactured it is put into a warehouse, creating a stock; or it could be resold to a wholesaler that created his stock or that resells it to a distributor. After these first steps there are two possible alternatives: the mattress can go to a shop, where it is exposed or, in some cases, goes to a warehouse, until it is purchased by the final customer.

Alternatively, before being sold, it can be given as sample to a sales agent, who will introduce it to his potential customers who will decide whether or not to buy it by one of the shops where it is available orhe should wait till it is available to be collected.

All these steps will then oppress the final price of the mattress, which will be significantly higher: Transport, warehouse storage, Agent's commissions and exhibit space management costs, such as rent, electricity, heating and sales staff. For this reason, the profit margin in traditional sales is very limited, so it is necessary to raise up the final customer price or lower the production costs of the product. In this way, however, the quality of the product, the materials it is made of, and the care in detail will be lower.

"Materassiedoghe" has for this reason decided 5 years ago to sell its products online, mainly through their own website. In this way all the steps of the traditional sale are no longer needed. Mattresses "Materassiedoghe" are made in Italy, in one of our production warehouse; then they are sent directly to the final customer as soon as the production phase has ended, without the need to store them, or to be sold at a shop.

In this way, the distribution chain is significantly shorter and, consequently, cheaper. So it is possible to provide to the customers high quality products at a lower price, simplifying sales and delivery.

If you buy online, it is as if the mattress was purchased directly from the factory. Simply enter the "Materassiedoghe" sales portal; choose the product you prefer among those in the catalog; select the dimensions in centimeters of our mattress and then conclude the purchase by choosing one of the possible payment methods: PayPal credit card, bank transfer or using the AmazonPay system.

As we don't have a shop, you can not try ourmattresses. However, the staff of "Materassiedoghe" provides to all its potential customers the 30-year experience of their choice assistants. You can also contact us by telephone at +39 0365 1870030 or by e-mail sales@materassiedoghe.eu and we'll provide, without any obligation, all the information about products, purchase and delivery.

Purchase a mattress online is:

  • CONVENIENT, you can buy the product you like in just a few clicks and get it at home within a few days;
  • CHEAP, thanks to simplified distribution, the manufacturer deals with the customer directly, avoiding all intermediaries and reducing costs;
  • SECURE, all our products are completely made in Italy, while payment methods are certified and long since used buy us;
  • GUARANTEED, after the purchase you can activate the warranty on any factory defects.

For all these reasons "Materassiedoghe" decided to sell mattresses online: for the customers it is as to buy high quality italian mattresses directly from the factory, with the best prices and delivery to home.

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