Thermal Memory Foam Mattress "Sardegna" with 3 layers and 7 different areas

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  • Sardegna is an anatomical memory mattress with 7 different areas
  • It has 3 different layers, the first in memory "I-FO@M THERMO" is wavy and has a variable height of 4 for 7cm, the total height is 23cm
  • It is able to thermoregulate perfectly thanks to the open cells structure of the memory foam layer and to the production process which uses microspheres
  • Covered in removable technical fabric with 3D tissue. It has a double zip to remove the cover
  • It shapes perfectly depending on body heat
  • Thanks to its high breathability, it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimite
  • It is "CE" marked and it has the "Oeko-tex" certification
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Warranty 20 years on fabrication defects

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Intense wellness and health prevention

It is made of 3 different layers that provide adequate support and softness. The memory foam layer has 7 different areas. The materials used are innovative. The mattress is produced with the aid of microsphere nanotechnology, which promotes the circulation of air, offering a fresh summer rest and comfortable in winter.

For those who want to rest in a comfortable way

This mattress consists of 3 different layers, each of that has its own function: the thermal memory foam layer with 7 differentiated zones, variable heigt from 4 to 7cm, gives a pleasant micro-massaging effect to ensure intense wellness. The middle layer is made up of medium density foam to perfectly fit your body and the last layer of foam supports it in the best possible way. The mattress is produced with the aid of microsphere technology, a kind of nanotechnology designed to make the mattress structure correctly airtight. The outer cover is removable on each side, with 4 sided hightly breathable band and double zip.


I-FO@M THERMO is a foam able to thermoregulate the areas in contact with the body, creating an ideal microclimate. This type is produced with the help of microspheres called PCM, "Phase Changing Material". 

These are intelligent heat accumulators that take advantage of the physical phenomenon of phase transition in order to absorb latent heat flows and to store a lot of energy while it mantains the temperature constant and returning heat during a successive downturn.  So who sleeps can actually enjoy a restful, beneficial and healthy sleep. 



Expert Rating
Mattress Typology Memory Foam
Tipo Anatomical with 7 different areas
Firmness (Rigidity level)

(Maggiore è il numero di pesetti, più il materasso risulterà rigido)

Density details

Recommended for people between 10 and 140 kilograms - Is your weight higher? Click here

  • Memory foam layer: 50 kg/m³
  • Waterfoam layer: 30 kg/m³
  • Waterfoam ELASTMED layer: 30 kg/m³
Warranty 20 years - see conditions of sale for more details

Scheda Tecnica

Total height 23cm (9.05 inches)
Memory height 7cm (2.75 inches)
Memory Typ I-FO@M THERMO Orsa Foam
Waterfoam height 15cm (5.90 inches)
Padding height 1,5 cm
Padding Type 100% hypoallergenic
Outside Cover Technical tissue, removable, with 4 sided band and double zip
Cover inner side Cotton Jersey removable
Foam Note: The color of the waterfoam may be different from the picture. The characteristics of the mattress remain unchanged.


Anatomic Si
Anti-mite Si
Hypoallergenic Si
breathable Si
Removable cover Si
Washable Si
CE Marked Si
A norma UNI-EN Si
Test Harmful Substances Si
Made in Italy Si

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Back Pain
Slipped disc
Cervical herniated
Muscular contracture
Articolar pains
Allergies to mites and dust