Blue2air pillow in MyMemory Thermal and highly breathable Memory foam

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  • Cuscino in memory foam saponetta Blue2air

  • Dimensioni 72x42, altezza 13 cm

  • Composto di memory foam, si adatta al capo grazie al calore

  • In grado di regalare il giusto sostegno alla testa

  • Si modella sul calore corporeo, ma mantiene la forma nel tempo

  • Altamente traspirante, ipoallergenico, antibatterico e inodore

  • Fodera 100% cotone

  • Interamente prodotto in Italia

  • Garanzia 2 anni

garanzia made in italy

Descrizione Prodotto

The more breathable pillow on the market, entirely made of Memory

The Blue2Air Memory Pillow is entirely made of memory foam, with holes that allow opimal air circulation in its inner side. In this way both the temperature and the moisture level of the pillow will always be at the best level possible to give an incredibly healthy rest. The pillow lining is completely made of cotton. The thermosensitive memory foam is able to perfectly take the shape of the head and neck, as the vertebrae will be supported in the most natural and beneficial position possible. The Blue2Air memory pillow is entirely produced in Italy.

Double comfort

Blue2Air is a memory foam pillow with the following dimensions: 28.34x16.53 inches, with a height of 5.11 inches. The only material used for the padding is the perforated and highly breathable memory foam, so both the temperature and the moisture level to ensure the best rest possible. The memory fits the shape of the head through the body heat, giving the right support. In this way the vertebrae of the cervical area will not be subjected to particular stresses and, therefore problemsin that area can be alleviated by the properties of this pillow in memory foam. Blue2Air is able to adapt to any need, naturally following the curves of the neck and of the head, while maintaining its shape for some time. In addition to this, the pillow is anti-corrosive, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, with a lining entirely made of cotton. Using this cushion for your bed can certainly help you to have better sleeps.


- Waterfoam

- Without CFC

- Formed in Mold

- No glue

- Anti-corrosive

- Ergonomic

- Antidecubital

- Unformable

- Highly Breathable

VISCOELASTIC / External Memory:

- DENSITY: 42 g / l

- PORTAGE / WIDTH 40%: 0.82 kpa

VISCOELASTIC / Blue Breathable Memory

- DENSITY: 50g / l

- PORTAGE / RIGIDITY 40%: 1.6 kpa


2 years warranty


Oeko-tex certification on all raw materials used (no harmful substances)


Memory pillows fits perfectly to body morphology, marrying ergonomics and comfort and ensuring balanced support (weight is distributed over the entire body surface, avoiding particular pressure and joint tension). It improves blood circulation and minimizes stress by muscles and nerves. It alleviates back pain, neck pain, and joints.


Dimensions 28.34" x 16.53" - Height - 5.11"
Forma Classic
Material Memory Foam
Warranty 2 years - see conditions of sale for more details