Memogel Pillow in “MyMemory” foam thermally sensitive breathable and gel

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  • Pillow in memory foam and gel MemoGel
  • Size 28.34x16.53 inches, height 4.72 inches
  • Made of memory foam and gel to best fit the shape of the head
  • It can provide the right support
  • It takes shape on body heat and it keeps the shape during the time
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odorless
  • 100% cotton lining
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 2 years Warranty 

garanzia made in italy

Descrizione Prodotto

The pillow in memory and gel

Memogel is a pillow made of both open cells foam and gel foam; this product was born from the combination of these two substances, that could give the most support to the cervical area. Memory is adapted to body heat, while the gel follows perfection forms, reacting to pressure. This creates a comfortable housing for our heads during rest. Memogel has a 100% cotton lining; It is also completely produced in Italy.

Soft memory and fresh gel

This pillow is 28.34x16.53 inches in size, with a height of 4.72 inches. Open cells memory foam adapts to the shape of our body based on heat, but the gel fits according to the weight of the head. The memory also allows for a slight warmth in the winter, while the gel provides a cool winter stem thanks to its low thermal conductivity. The gel foam is also able to adapt to the conformation of the neck, welcoming it in the most natural way possible. The head will then be kept in a balanced and correct position, so that our sleep is absolutely healthy, as the blood circulation will be favored by allowing relaxation of the muscles for a rest in the wellness. The lining is completely made of cotton and the whole set is completely eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, anti-corrosive and breathable so the wellness of the rest is guaranteed in all respects.


-  Waterfoam

- Without CFC

- Formed in mould

- No glue

- Anti-corrosive

- Ergonomic

- Antidecubital

- Crushproof

- Very Breathable


- DENSITY: 42 g / l

- PORTAGE / WIDTH 40%: 0,82 kpa

GEL Polyurethane:

- DENSITY: KG / MT Cube 998 Iso 845



2 years warranty


Oeko-tex certification on all raw materials used (no harmful substances) 


Memory pillow fits perfectly to body morphology, marrying ergonomics and comfort and ensuring balanced support (weight is distributed over the entire body surface, avoiding particular pressure and joint tension). It improves blood circulation and minimizes stress by muscles and nerves. It alleviates back pain, neck pain, and joints.


Dimensions 28.34" x 16.53" - Height - 4,72"
Forma Classic
Material Memory Foam
Warranty 2 years - see conditions of sale for more details