Thermal memory foam pillow "Thermico" with PCM microspheres that absorb heat

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  • Thermico thermal memory foam pillow

  • Dimensions 73x43, height 14 cm 

  • Composed of memory foam, keeps the temperature constant thanks to PCM

  • Able to give the right support to the head

  • It is modeled on body heat, but retains its shape over time

  • Highly breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odorless

  • 100% cotton lining

  • Entirely produced in Italy

  • Warranty 2 years

garanzia made in italy

Product Description

Thermico thermal memory foam pillow
The Thermico memory pillow is a memory foam soap cushion, highly breathable, thanks to the open cellular structure of the polyurethane foam that composes it, combined with the perforating that guarantees a greater air recirculation. It adapts to the shape of the head both due to pressure and body heat. In this way, the neck does not take uncomfortable positions during rest, allowing the regeneration of cervical interweave disks. The Thermico memory pillow is produced entirely in Italy, respecting the principles set by European standards, therefore it has the "CE" mark. It is also resistant to mold, bacteria and moisture; while maintaining its shape at a distance of different time.

Thermal cushion with PCM
Thermico is a thermosensitive memory foam pillow the dimensions are 73x43 cm, with a height of about 13 cm; (the dimensions vary slightly depending on the heat applied). The only material used for the realization is the perforated and highly breathable memory foam, combined with an hypoallergenic fiber lining. This cushion has been perfected to give, over time, the best rest possible for each of us, making our summer cooler and warm the winter thanks to the innovative PCM technology, which absorbs excess heat and releases it when the temperature is more rigid. PCM is a waxy molecule contained within nanocapsules, which allows the thermal balance between the body and the pillow to be maintained. The Thermico memory thermo cushion is particularly suitable for those who suffer from heat or cold, to those who live in warm or cold areas; as well as for all those who are not content with sleeping, but want to rest.


Dimensions 73x43x13,8 cm
Shape Classic
Material Memory Foam
Warranty 2 years - see conditions of sale for more details