Water-based Memory Foam pillow enriched with natural essences, highly breathable

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  • Water-based Memory Foam pillow enriched with natural essences, that facilitates rest and breath

  • 4 available essences: Relaxing Eucalyptus, Soothing Lavender, Anti-stress Citrus Fruits and Calming Chamomile

  • Dimensions 74x45, 13 cm high

  • Made of  memory foam, it perfectly take the shape thanks to body heat

  • It can give the best support possible to the head

  • Highly breathable, hypoallergenic and scented

  • Cover 100% cotton with zip

  • Enterely made in Italy

  • 2 years warranty

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Product Description

A new experience of Rest, thanks to Natural Essences
The water-based memory foam Pillows with natural essences are composed of a highly breathable perforated structure, enriched with natural essences which can give a natural wellness to our rest, besides releasing a delicate aroma. These pillows will take the shape thanks to the body heat, adapting to the shape of the head in an absolutely natural and beneficial. The memory foam maintains its shape even after a long time. The pillow is supplied with a thin cotton cover.

Nature helps us to rest better
The memory foam pilloes with natural essences are made of "MyMemory", an innovative material with an open cellular structure. It is thermosensitive, completely ecological, hypoallergenic and anti-mite. Beside to these properties its particular shape makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. The dimensions are 74x45 cm, height 13 cm circa.

This is a very effective and efficient product, which has been designed to combine the support of memory foam to the benefits of natural substances.

The water-based memory foam pillows with natural essences promote Good Rest and guarantee a deep relaxation every day.

- Lavender essence promotes sleep and relaxation. The color itself of lavender is considered the color of the silence, quiet and tranquility.
- Chamomile  essence plays an important calming function, excellent help in case of stress and nervousness.
- Citrus Fruit essence boasts many beneficial properties such as giving harmony and instill new energy. For an anti-stress rest.
- Eucalyptus essence facilitates breath, gives wellness and evokes positive sensations. For a relaxing rest.


- Waterfoam
- Without CFC
- Formed in mould
- Without glue
- Anti-mite
- Ergonomic
- Anti decubitus
- Highly breathable

- DENSITY: 42 g/l
- FIRMNESS 40%: 0,82 kpa 

2 years on factory defects 

All the materials used for the production of these pillowes are certified.


Dimensions 70cmx40cm - Altezza ~13 cm
Shape Classic
Material Water based Memory Foam enriched with natural essences
Warranty 2 years - see conditions of sale for more details