Mattresses with bioceramics

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  • Memory Foam mattress "Confort" with Bioceramic Fir and 7 different areas
    • The Confort model is a supportive anatomic memory mattress with 7 differentiated zones
    • It has 3 different layers, the layer in memory "Waterlily" has a wavy profile. The height goes from 1.18 to 3.14 inches, the total height is 8.66 inches
    • It can thermoregulate itself thanks to the open cells structure of the layer in memory foam
    • Covered in removable technical fabric, the mattress is washable
    • It takes shape perfectly depending on body heat
    • Thanks to its high breathability, it's hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimite
    • It has the "CE" mark. All the materials used for the production of these mattresses (the internal foamed slabs, the memory layer, the padding and outer cover) are Oeko Tex certified.
    • 100% Made in Italy
    • 20 years Warranty 
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  • Thermal Memory Mattress with 3 layers 7 zones mod. Sardegna with bioceramics F.I.R.
    • Sardegna model is a medium anatomical memory mattress with 7 zones

    • It has 3 different layers, the memory layer "I-FO@M THERMO" is corrugated and has a thickness of 7 cm, the total thickness is 23 cm

    • It is able to thermoregulate perfectly thanks to the open cellular structure

    • Removable cover made of technical fabric, 3D breathable perimetral band, double zipper

    • It shapes perfectly according to body heat

    • BioCeramic coating that offers protection from UVA and UVB rays and stimulates the micro-circulatory system

    • Thanks to the high level of breathability, it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite

    • It is "CE" marked and the materials used are certified "Oeko-tex"

    • 100% Made in Italy

    • 20 years warranty on fabrications defects

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Materassi con Bioceramica per migliorare la circolazione sanguigna, il rivestimento dei materassi arricchito con bioceramica serve a migliorare il riposo facendoci svegliare ogni mattina più freschi ed energici.