Mattresses with copper fiber

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  • Thermal Memory Foam Mattress with Copper fiber antistress mod. Como
    • Como model is a medium anatomical memory mattress with 7 different areas
    • It has 3 different layers, the one in memory "I-FO @ M THERMO" is wavy and has an height of 1.97 inches, the total height is 8.67 inches
    • It is able to thermoregulate perfectly thanks to the open cells structure of the memory foam layer and to the production process which use microspheres
    • Covered in removable technical fabric on each side, 3D , breathable 4 sided band, double zip
    • Internal Cover with Copper Fiber fabric antistress, shield for electromagnetic fields and protection against electrostatic charges
    • It shapes perfectly depending on body heat
    • Thanks to its high breathability, it is antiallergic, antibacterial and antimite
    • It is "CE" marked. All the materials used for the production of these mattresses (the internal foamed slabs, the memory layer, the padding and outer cover) are Oeko Tex certified.
    • 100% Made in Italy
    • Warranty 20 years
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Materassi con Rame per un sonno ristoratore, il tessuto arricchito con fibra di rame ha il beneficio di aiutare il corpo a rilassarsi prima del riposo, favorendo così una diminuzione della tensione nervosa e muscolare. Il materasso in rame è l'ideale per chi soffre di problemi d'insonnia.